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Competitive Events


• The members of teams cannot be from different institutes.

• Event is open for all students and student organizations.

• Team can be of 1st year, 2nd year or a mix of both.

• A student cannot be part of more than one team per competitive event.

• All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be with conference team.

• The format and rules of events are subject to change before the start of the event

• There is no limit to the number of teams participating from an institute.

• Participation in all the rounds necessary to claim any of the prizes.

• All submissions of abstract should be in the form of PDF.

• The subject of the mail should be the name of the competition and the participant’s registration ID.

“Approaches for multidisciplinary collaboration for better health/healthcare”

Inter-professional and multidisciplinary collaborations are regularly prescribed to tackle complex problems, including healthcare issues. What are the different issues that need collaborative approach? What are the different models of collaboration which have been successful in bringing positive health outcomes? What are the emerging models of collaboration which hold promise? We invite papers on this theme for paper presentation.
Don your thinking hats!

  • Interested students have to register for the conference and submit an abstract of not more than 500 words to the organizers at register@tissclairvoyance.com by November 5, 2018. The abstractshould mention the name of the contributing authors.
  • Participation can be in a team of maximum 3 members.
  • A panel of judges will screen the abstract and the selected students will be informed through mail. Only the selected entries would be presenting on the day of conference.
  • The paper can be presented as a power point presentation. Each team will get 7 minutes to present followed by 3 minutes of discussion.

“Can technology bridge gaps in health/healthcare?”

In the new-health economy, digitally enabled care is no longer a nice-to-have, but a fundamental business imperative. Let your innovation embark on a journey displaying the multiple aspects of the right mix of technologies that can enhance the patient experience and proves out to be an ultimate tool to bridge the skill gap in healthcare. All set?


  • Register for the conference and Submit an abstract of not more than 500 words to register@tissclairvoyance.com describing their poster before 5th November, 2018.
  • Maximum team members- 2
  • A panel of judges will screen the submissions and the selected students will be intimated through mail. Only the selected entries would be displayed on the day of the conference
  • The selected participants must bring the final Poster with him/her to display and present at the conference. The dimensions 32″*40″ / 82cm * 102cm of the poster will be and must be printed on vinyl sheet.
  • There will be a dedicated poster session meet and greet time during the conference, but the information contained on the poster should speak for itself. You will be given 5 minutes to present your poster and 2-3 minutes for discussions. Posters will be displayed throughout the duration of the conference.

“Innovative health/healthcare models for an inclusive tomorrow”

The healthcare models of yesteryear are inadequate to satisfy the ever burgeoning industry and consumer expectations- with rising patient empowerment being the perfect storm for healthcare. In view of the same, there is still a great delta between the possibilities that one should explore and this enlivens the opportunity for something exciting to unravel. So, have you got anything in mind? We are waiting to be a part of your thought process!


The event aim at coming up with an innovative plan targeting health. Your idea could be anything ranging from non-profit plan aimed at inclusion to a profit-making model that meets the needs of the current world. The model you design must cater to the health sector or health care industry. You may design your plan along the following borderlines.

a) Insurance

b) Community based programmes

c) Out sourcing ventures

d) Digital health

e) Hospitals

One could participated individually or as a team. Each team may have a maximum of 5 members.

Round 1

All participants are required to submit the abstracts for their business model on or before 9thNovember 2018 to register@tissclairvoyance.com. Any submission after this will not be qualified for the event

Results of Round 1 will be announced on the clairvoyance 2018 website and selected participants will receive personal mail on their provided email ids before November 13th2018 2359 hrs.

Abstract submission

Abstract should be between 1000-1500 words , preferably times New Roman font. The abstract should clearly mention the caption or the title

Abstract should include but not be limited to the following

  • Inspiration
  • Rationale behind the model
  • Strategy

Round II

Participants qualified for round 2 , must submit the presentation for their business model on or before 17thNovember 2018. Any submission post the mentioned date and time will not be accepted.

The business model presentation should include

  • Stakeholders
  • Key partners
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Value propositions
  • Channels
  • Customer relations
  • Customer segments
  • Marketing strategies
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams
  • Social and environmental cost ( if any)
  • Social and environmental benefit ( if any)
  • Foreseen challenges and possible solutions
  • Sustainability

The presentation should not exceed 20 slides, including slides containing title and team details. Participants will be shortlisted for the next round after been evaluated on a set of predefined parameters. Result will be announced, 19thNovember 2018.

Round III

Participants who qualify for round 3 must be ready with their presentation on the day of the main event. Participants are not allowed to change their presentation for the final event.
The presentation must not exceed the time limit of 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion.

“Engage with health”

Health generates self-fulfilment in daily living and ultimately improve quality of life and health outcomes. Bring out your creative pens and design a campaign to improve patient care outcomes and delivery of care.


  • Participants are supposed to make a graphic designadvertisement designed to promote health messages in an attractive way.
  • The participants can use up to six words as a slogan accompanying the artwork.
  • It should be an original piece of work and easily explanatory.
  • Interested students are to register for the conference and submit your work to the organisers at register@tissclairvoyance.com before 17th November 2018.
  • A panel of judges will screen the submissions and the selected students will be intimated through mail. Only the selected entries would be displayed on the day of the conference.
  • Participants can present about their inspirations and ideas behind their creations at the event briefly.
  • No teams allowed.. It is a solo participatory event.

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